Grades 3-4 Intramurals: 

The 3/4 Intramural Program is the age when boys start to develop more complex athletic skills and will start to apply them to the game.
Play gets faster, decision-making in relation to team concepts is taught, and coaching challenges those that are advanced. We will still have a lot of players new to the sport at this age and we will continue to teach and stress the basic fundamentals of lacrosse to those who are new and reinforce to those who are developing.
There are two 1.5-hour practices per week. Practices will be skill station based usually followed by a scrimmage.
The main season is March through May.
The teams will have scrimmages against neighboring townships.
Additionally, some of the more skilled boys will play on a UDLC travel squad (C1 squad). See C Level Travel for more info.