Throwing and Catching

Upper Dublin Lacrosse Club is all about skills development.  We know that the best lacrosse players have a strong foundation in stick-handling skills that they learned the correct way from a very young age.

Sizing a Stick for Youth Players and How to Hold the Stick

This video instructs players and parents on how to determine the appropriate shaft length for youth players.  As the kids get older (in high school) the length of the stick is dictated by USA Lacrosse rules.

How to Throw: The Point, Step, Touch Method

This video demonstrates the basics of throwing.

Segment ONE:

Segment TWO of the Point, Step, Touch Throwing Motion:

Keeping the Ball in front of you

This video demonstrates the importance of keeping the ball and the ball-handling activities in front of you.  We teach this because we want the boys to learn to protect their sticks from defenders and against trail-checks.  This is very popular in Canadian-style box lacrosse.