Triangle Drills

There is a time and place for antiquated line drills.  Progressive lacrosse clubs want to keep the players and their sticks moving.  We want to accomplish as many "touches" through the course of a practice as possible.  Enter the Triangle Drills!

These documents are printable in 8 1/2 x 11 size paper that can be folded in half lengthwise to make handy reference guides for the coaching staffs.

Shooting Drills

We teach the shooting triangles first to emphasize throwing off the front foot. Body movement is discouraged and the focus is on the proper stick-work. These drills will translate into shooting motions later.

> 7th and 8th Grade Shooting Triangle Drill

Dodging Drills

The second triangles we use during practice are the dodging triangles which serve as an easy way to teach kids how to throw off the back foot. Players naturally do so if they throw on the run.  Foot movement is essential and should be emphasized. Each drill is accompanied by coaching points of emphasis. TRIANGLE drills, as opposed to LINE drills, pack double the skill development in half the time.