Lacrosse Equipment Suggestions

We have a few suggestions to help keep the initial equipment costs low.  First, try to find hand-me-downs!  All of the older players have outgrown their youth equipment and it may be collecting dust in the corner of the garage unless it has already been donated.  Please reach out to neighbors who play the sport and try to solicit their son's lacrosse equipment.

Second, if you are unable to pay for equipment, UDLC offers scholarship opportunities to cover not only league fees but equipment loans as well.  The equipment is not to be kept and should be returned at the conclusion of the season.

We do not want the cost of this support to prevent your son from participating.  We will provide loaner equipment for an entire season.  Please reach out to us.

Local stores offer a fantastic deal on a kit that includes Maverik brand ("Charger" model) elbow pads, shoulder pads (must meet the 2022 NOCSAE standard for cardiac protection), gloves, a stick, and a Cascade CS-R helmet.

After that, you are responsible for getting your son a mouthguard and a protective cup.  Ask for their STARTER KITS.  They have a variety of offerings and if you purchase a la carte, prices will seem to have no limit!

Your sons will beg for new equipment with the latest gimmicks, etc.  Some kits include sticks, while others do not.  The Maverick Charger lacrosse stick is good, but as with any new lacrosse stick, it will require some breaking-in to get the pocket right.

Technology has improved tremendously and the Warrior EVO WARP stick is a pre-engineered stick that has a perfect pocket for accurate throwing.  For our youngest players in 1st-2nd grades,

consider the EVO WARP JUNIOR, also available from Lacrosse Unlimited

It is not necessary to purchase this exact kit from the local lacrosse store, but we cannot emphasize enough the importance of a sensible budget for first-time players who will most certainly outgrow their equipment in a couple years.

Lacrosse equipment, especially sticks, may need occasional tune-ups and that is when the purchase from a local vendor comes in handy.  They will gladly service the equipment that they sell.